Transmission Graphic Novel

Transmission, written and illustrated by Gabe, is his first graphic novel.

About the Novel:

Dr. Damian Drost possesses a most unusual ability: he can cure any ailment in seconds, but not without transmitting it to himself. Years of healing others wreaked havoc on his physical and mental well-being and Dr. Drost became a cold, reclusive drunkard.

Ava Evans is the smartest kid in her class and dreams of a bright future. But when her terminal lung disease leaves her deathly ill, her family is left with no alternative.

Now in his care, Damian must guide Ava on a journey to the magic mountain spring that granted him his gift.

Only one might be sick, but who really needs to be healed?...

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"Legacy" Animatic

"Legacy" is an original video animatic featured in the 2019 Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Fair at Penn State.

About the Animatic:

A mysterious beast terrorizes a small wilderness civilization.

When the creature's rampage threatens the future of his tribe, a lone hunter is tasked with finding and destroying the monster.

In his pursuit of the beast, he discovers there is more to the legend of the creature than he was taught.

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